Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Guides

We’re a family business

And we want to provide you with the same fly fishing dream we had for ourselves.
Fly fishing is a sport as exciting and legendary as

the great American West.

It has been practiced for centuries. It is embedded in the folklore of whole continents. It is filled with stories that range from comical to mythical: Tall tales of 30 yard casts flicking the ash from the tip of a cigar; a single amazing fly that caught dozens of species on fresh water and salt; grueling treks across the vast stretches of Russia and Asia

in search of monster trout.

This dream is filled with iconic images we will remember forever;

a cowboy fly casting from horseback;

a dry fly expertly presented to a rising Greenback Cutthroat in a glassy beaver pond; a string of moments when every single cast hooked-up with a quality Rainbow; the deep-drifting nymph that brought a giant, hook-jawed-and

glowing brown trout sizzling lightening fast

out of the turquoise depths of a quiet pool in a high-country stream, the one you fought across the glimmering shallows and right to your trembling hand leaving your heart thumping and your legs quivering. You had to sit down for “just one minute”. Despite the fact that your guide was pointing at another monster and begging you to cast again,


In the canyons, on the rivers or on the high mountain lakes of Colorado and its majestic Rocky Mountains, legends and memories are created every single day.

Memories of a life of adventure.

Come fly fishing with us.
We’ll give you the Rockies.
We’ll give you the legendary moments.

We’ll share our dream and give you our very best.

–Shannon Long
  Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Guides