Shannon Long founding principal, fly fishing guide and instructor - Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Guides, Inc.

Shannon on Colorado’s beautiful South Platte.

Shannon Long

Guide, instructor and founding principal at
Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Guides, Inc.

Mr. Long has been angling in lakes, rivers, creeks and ditches his entire life. In the late 80′s his girlfriend suggested (without him having to prompt her at all) that they move to Denver, Colorado and start a life together. Having dreamed of living in the Rockies his entire life he jumped on the opportunity, they packed up the cat and the gear, drove the U-Haul to Denver and melted into the landscape. Shortly after that he began finding ways to submerge himself in the fly fishing lifestyle of the Rocky Mountains. Eventually he finished an old career and began working on a new one in fly fishing retail and guiding. Four years after that he realized his ultimate goal of starting a fly fishing guide service by establishing Rocky Mountain Flyfishing Guides, Inc. in 2011. What started as a one man guide service is now a company that employs a Fly Fishing Concierge and at least 10 guides each year. The entire staff works together to give every guest the experience of their lives.

- – He married the girlfriend in 1992 and together they created two little fly anglers who are no longer little and currently pound the banks along the front range catching fish all on their own.

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